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UniTunes Coffeehouse is a series of concerts featuring musicians performing original music ranging in style from folk to world. We offer great music in a great acoustic, smoke-free venue. We are a non-profit group sponsored by Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church, located in the Galleria area of west Houston, TX. Click here for a map and directions to our church/ concert site.

For questions please contact the volunteer crew at Uteam@unitunes.org

Saturday, February 7, 2015, 7:30 P.M.


Harpeth Rising


Unitunes is proud to host the dynamic trio Harpeth Rising. They named themselves after a river because water is both dynamic and powerful, words that also describe the music created by these three women. Consisting of Jordana Greenber (violin, vocals), Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals) and Maria Di Meglio (cello, vocals), they create music hard to categorize or pigeon-hole. They are unapologetic genre-benders, fusing folk, newgrass, rock and classical into a unique and organic sound.

Hallmarks of their music include expansive three part harmonies, equisite musicianship and a deft and soulful lyrical perspective. Their roots run deep, from their varied ancestry across Eastern Europe to the musical hotbed of the Mid-South they now call home. They have been called the "vanguard of a new species of progressive folk music" by Jason Hamad of The No Surf Review.

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